Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (KESB)

Your business has reputation that must be safeguarded, which is why we do more than just protect and control every endpoint. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business stops threats, including fileless threats, in their tracks, while server hardening enhances
high-performance server protection with additional controls to prevent loss of personal and financial information. Delivered from the cloud or on-premises, for flexible security and management

Ideal if you’re aiming to:
- Prevent employees from exposing your business, as well as themselves, to an attack
- Maximize the number of endpoint incidents processed automatically
- Secure diverse environments with flexible and proven defense

Business benefits
- Decrease your TCO by automating your defense against various threats with all-in-one product
- Ensure business continuity by protecting any device anywhere
- Helps meet compliance requirements while providing full flexibility to outsource IT security management

Practical Applications
- Reduces your risk of falling victim to an attack with the most awarded set of endpoint technologies
- Protects 100% of your IT estate with cloud or on-premises management, up-to-date patching and straightforward migration from third-party protection
- Enables further enrichment of security with EDR, SIEM and other technologies without having to run time-consuming endpoint reimaging 
- Built-in encryption management, remote wipe and device control for different OSs protect your information and help with compliance
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