Kaspersky Sandbox

Kaspersky Sandbox automatically protects you from new and unknown threats designed to bypass endpoint protection. It complements Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and helps organizations to significantly increase their levels of endpoint and server protection
against threats such as previously unknown malware, new viruses and ransomware, zero-day exploits, and others – without the need to hire new security personnel.

Ideal if you’re aiming to:
- Boost you defenses against evasive threats
- Automate advanced detection
- Optimize your staff workload and expertise requirements

Business benefits
- Reduces IT security risk and ensures business continuity
- Protects against new and unknown threats without affecting endpoint performance
or user productivity 
- Minimizes labor costs through automating manual operations 
- Optimizes costs for the advanced threat protection of remote offices

Practical Applications

- Facilitate the in-depth dynamic analysis and detection of unknown and evasive threats
- Deliver an automated response across all protected endpoints
- Avoid impacting productivity and boost the security of highly loaded endpoints
by overloading resource-intensive behavior analysis to the sandbox
- Integrate with third-party solutions through an API
- Save man-hours thanks to simple installation and fully automatic functioning of your sandbox, with no advanced IT or cybersecurity staff skills needed
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