Tintri All-Flash Array


The only all-flash array that guarantees performance for all your VMs.

Enterprise cloud demands a strong foundation. And with the right building blocks, you can make that happen. The Tintri T5000 All-Flash Array gives you VM-level management and visibility. And in turn, you get the agility of public cloud within your four walls.

  • Isolate VMs, guarantee performance
    With the Tintri all-flash array, you can assign individual lanes to individual VMs, preventing IO traffic jams and preserving performance. You can even set quality of service (QoS) on individual VMs, further guaranteeing performance.

  • Flexible scale-out architecture
    The Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash Array comes in nine different configurations, with up to 308 TB of effective capacity in 2U using the latest 3D NAND. Up to 32 VMstores (and 160,000 VMs) can be managed as a federated pool of storage. All from one central management console: Tintri Global Center.

  • Multiple concurrent hypervisors
    We built Tintri OS to manage every individual VM. And naturally, Tintri all-flash storage supports multiple, concurrent hypervisors. Tintri’s deep hypervisor integrations allow for far greater automation to reduce your operating expenses.

  • Get the lowdown on your applications
    Deep dive into individual VMs, exposing latency in just one click. With Tintri's all-flash array, you get real-time analytics, not correlations or delayed statistics. Tintri jump-starts your productivity and performance, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

  • Backup and recovery, right when you need it
    Even in the most stressful situations, the Tintri all-flash array lets you recover individual VMs in just clicks. In lieu of spreadsheets, an easy-to-use interface helps you transfer VMs from array to array in minutes. Take back your hours, days and weeks when you get on a different level: the VM-level.
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