Tintri Analytics


Real-time and predictive storage analytics

Every day is filled with decisions—some small (where to place a virtual machine) and some large (what storage investments are needed next quarter). Across that spectrum, Tintri’s storage analytics make it easy for you to make better decisions by putting the information you need at your fingertips.

Baked into our all-flash arrays and hybrid-flash arrays, Tintri OS has always provided you full visibility into your individual virtual machines right now. See the root cause of latency, changes in performance usage and much more—all actionable in real-time.

And we've expanded on this foundation with cloud-based predictive analytics. We provide you the power of Elasticsearch, so you can mine the rich meta-data that Tintri Analytics collects, crunching numbers from 160,000 VMs over several years in less than one second. Model your organization’s capacity and performance needs—for organic growth AND specific projects—based on the behavior of your applications.

  • Solve a latency problem in seconds
    An end user calls you—their application is running slow. You open the Tintri storage analytics UI, scroll over the VM in question and see the source of latency across host, network and storage. Problem solved.

  • Model your resource needs
    You’re planning next quarter’s resource requirements and budget. Tintri uses Apache Spark, fully Elastic search and your own rich meta-data to trend your use of capacity AND performance. Provision exactly what you need, only when you need it.

  • What-if application planning
    Your DevOps team has asked to add another 10 SQL servers to your Tintri footprint. Can you accommodate? Tintri storage analytics can break down the behavior of SQL servers already residing on VMstores, then help you complete what-if analysis on this request, so you can provide a precise yes / no answer.
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