Tintri Hybrid-flash arrays


The best balance of performance and value for your virtualized applications.

The Tintri T800 Hybrid-Flash Array is built specifically to simplify management of virtualization and cloud. The T800 VMstore series has won more than 20 industry awards and even been named a “Technology of the Year” by InfoWorld, alongside HTML 5 and the iPhone.

  • Visibility across your entire infrastructure
    Tintri hybrid storage lets you see the performance of any individual virtual machine, including a real-time breakdown of latency across network, host and storage. You always have a handle on your entire virtual footprint.

  • Common operating system and management
    Our hybrid storage shares a common operating system—Tintri OS—with Tintri all-flash storage. That means you can scale-out a combination of hybrid and all-flash to meet your needs and manage it all as a single pool. 

  • Multiple hypervisors and workloads on one platform
    Tintri VM-aware storage supports multiple, concurrent hypervisors. Plus, Tintri hybrid storage has the intelligence to accommodate all your workloads—desktops to databases—on a single platform with zero performance conflict.
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