Tintri Scale-out storage


Scale-out storage made simple

Data centers have long needed a better way to manage scale-out. Conventional storage cannot handle scale at a magnitude of tens of thousands of VMs—either they cannot scale to a sufficient number of nodes, or an expensive flash footprint overwhelms tightly coupled controllers. Either way, you’ve always had to invest in expensive hardware, proprietary interconnect and storage specialists to make it all work.

But with Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS), you can scale-out starting with a single 17 TB all-flash array and grow up to 10 PB and 160,000 virtual machines.

Manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid-flash storage as a federated pool, accommodating both existing and future systems. A loosely coupled design separates control flow from data flow to ensure low latency across a large number of nodes. And built-in intelligence conducts deep workload analysis to model growth and optimize the placement of every virtual machine. There's no custom hardware and no expensive interconnect—your entire footprint can be managed by just one dedicated employee. 

  • Deep workload analysis
    Tintri VM Scale-out software is always working in the background, analyzing up to one million statistics about your virtual machines every ten seconds. It looks back 30 days to capture performance peaks, not just averages, to better inform its recommendations and your decisions.

  • Optimize workload placement
    Scale-out algorithms recommend the optimal placement of every single virtual machine across your footprint. This considers snapshots, clones, thin provisioning and storage activity to ensure every recommendation has the least cost impact on capacity and performance. Just hit "execute" and Tintri does the rest. 

  • Attach policies to VMs like glue
    And as your virtual machines are moved around your virtual footprint, the data protection and QoS policies you’ve set for them will follow—as do snapshots and clones—without any manual intervention. So the policies you set when you have 500 VMs remain intact as you grow past 5,000 VMs. 
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