Tintri Storage management


Storage management for up to 160,000 virtual machines

Whether you've got Tintri All-Flash Arrays or Hybrid-Flash Arrays, Tintri Global Center (TGC) software makes it easy for you to grow your storage footprint from 17 TB to more than 10 PB and manage it with just one employee. That's because Tintri lets you manage 32 VMstores as a single, federated pool of storage. You can see across your total footprint and then drill into any individual virtual machine, with visibility into latency that spans compute, network and storage. And TGC constantly works in the background, analyzing one million stats about your virtual machines every ten minutes—using this data to recommend the location for every VM that optimizes both cost and performance.

Storage management also includes the ability to set data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies on groups of VMs. Automation ensures that as you move those VMs across your footprint, those policies follow—as do snapshots and clones. Tintri software lets you manage your storage more closely—with less effort.

  • Keep tabs on 160,000 VMs
    Operate a one-person control center. You can manage up to 32 VMstores as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs (up to 160,000 of them). Insight into capacity, performance and the root cause of latency is always at your fingertips.

  • Set policies that stick
    Set up groups of like VMs, then apply data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies to those groups. When you move individual VMs out of groups and across your footprint, the policies follow—no manual intervention required.

  • Push “execute” and let Tintri do the rest
    Tintri storage management is always at work—crunching one million stats about your VMs every ten minutes. VM Scale-out software uses this data to recommend the best placement of every VM to optimize use of your capacity and performance.
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