Ruckus Cloud WI-FI

Simplified Management. Simply Better WiFi

Growing WiFi demands outstripping your IT resources? No problem. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi radically simplifies WLAN setup and management. Provision, monitor and troubleshoot your entire WiFi network through a single web dashboard or mobile app.

The Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi service works with a wide variety of Ruckus access points (APs). You get easy management. Your users get a consistently great WiFi experience – fast, reliable and secure.

  • Simple, Intuitive Cloud Managed WiFi +
    - Use fewer APs to cover a given area and number of users or use the same number of APs to serve more users and more traffic, extending network longevity.
    - Provide a great Wi-Fi experience, no matter how challenging your user, interference or physical environment.
    - Better ensure that each and every user is connected with sufficient bandwidth to support their applications.
  • Intent-Driven User Interface
    - Enable employees of all skill and experience levels to manage the WLAN.
    - Get WLAN management tasks done faster.
    - Add new sites faster by pre-configuring them.
    - Critical event auto-notification maximizes network uptime and minimize status-checking.
    - Venue-driven design speeds and simplifies network configuration.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    - Up to six-month network data retention enables more accurate growth planning
    - From application visibility to detailed RF related reports at highly granular 15-minute intervals, IT staff are able to monitor and optimize network characteristics much more holistically.
  • Mobile App
    - Manage and monitor the network from any Android or iOS device.
    - Shorten deployment duration by scanning APs—automatically adding them to the network.
    - Instantly set up guest access while away from your desk.
    - Dynamically insert your own advertisements (photos or text) onto your guest Wi-Fi portal at any time.
  • Guest Management
    - Promote your brand by customizing your captive portals.
    - Connect your guests quickly and easily with social login and email/SMS guest passes
    - Apply different network privileges to guest users on the network.
    - Set up dedicated and separate workflows for sponsored guest and self-help guest Wi-Fi configurations.
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