Sky for Oracle Cloud

Oracle databases can be deployed in a variety of different storage architecture such as standalone file system, standalone ASM or RAC with ASM. Enterprises can deploy Oracle databases with a variety of infrastructure options including custom configurations, Oracle cloud, Oracle Virtual Machines, or Exadata appliances. Enterprises can also use Oracle Data Guard (Active / Passive or Active / Active), or Oracle Redgate.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

-Actifio Sky supports Oracle ASM environments and allows automated migration of fail-over production databases from Actifio storage to production storage with zero down time

Database Cloning
-The virtual copies do not take any extra storage space. For example: 20 users/projects can create 20 virtual copies of a 5 TB database without consuming any extra storage. Incremental extra storage is only required to store changes corresponding to modifications done to a virtual database clone

Data Retention
- Users can specify backup data to be stored in multiple locations such as disk with its software deduplication, or S3 API compliant object storage on-premises or in cloud with software compression
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