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Industrial PCs & Embedded Computers

Reliability & Performance

Our purpose-built embedded computing solutions are developed with the customer in mind, drawing from over 40 years of experience and our own proprietary technologies.

It includes box computers, panel PCs, flat panel displays, digital signage players, point-of-sale solutions and beyond.
High Performance


Industrial Computers

Long-term supply and long-term maintenance support offered. These products free you from having to deal with operation verifications and device design changes that occur every time models are changed, thus contribute to reducing development and verification costs.

Long-life and highly reliable PCs recommended not only for factory automation, but also as office automation.


Embedded Computers EPC - High power / Cooling fan type

Contec’s embedded computers are known for their reliability, performance and longevity. It is well suited for medical, industrial, commercial use.


Flat Panel Displays

At Contec, we understand it’s more than a display; it’s the window to your software solution, the human machine interface that controls your product, and the device that presents captured video, images, test results and a host of other information to users and operators on a daily basis.

Our embedded "Panel Computers" integrate a touch panel LCD with a PC. Suitable for operation panels, operation terminals, and monitoring systems in machine equipment and on production lines