ioTrust™ IoT Security


Ensuring A Trusted Internet of Things

Establish a connected ecosystem that is secure by design from device manufacturing through the entire IoT lifecycle. Accelerate IoT deployment and time-to-value by enabling a secure and trusted ecosystem of people, applications and things.

Leverage IoT to Gain a Measurable Competitive Advantage
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming business. The ability to collect massive amounts of data from billions of devices and trillions of sensors — connected to secure ecosystems anywhere in the world — will empower organizations to make highly informed decisions and take action in real-time. The potential for driving down costs, elevating efficiency and creating new sources of revenue offers great value for organizations across all vertical markets. The enterprises that harness this power will gain true competitive advantages. 
Creating a Trusted Infrastructure
The challenges of an IoT deployment are clear. Connecting and securing the infrastructure required to collect and transmit commands and data — from devices, applications or people — is a sizable challenge. Entrust Datacard™ ioTrust™ security solutions empower enterprises to address this rapidly emerging need. Our offerings, which are based on enterprise-grade encryption technologies, establish trusted identities for devices across IoT infrastructures. So you can create secure ecosystems and transmit data from devices in the field to value engines efficiently and securely.

Realizing your IoT vision begins with securing your infrastructure. ioTrust security solutions unlock business value by enabling secure access to IoT data. Our solutions leverage decades of expertise in cryptography, embedded systems and trusted infrastructures to ensure the right security level for every device, application, system and user. We ensure that data is usable only by authorized devices, applications and users. This allows you to create trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguard the flow of data across your infrastructure. Our solutions also accelerate adoption of IoT into your enterprise architecture. With Entrust Datacard, you gain the trust to put your data to work. 
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