LiveNX Network Monitoring Software Platform

Unified Data on a Single Platform
See the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere – WAN, SD-WAN, WiFi, remote sites, data centers, endpoints, and the multi-cloud.

Visual Analytics for Application Troubleshooting
LiveNX’s network visualization and analytics can quickly identify network optimization issues and improve application performance of voice, video, and instant messaging, to name a few.

Integrated Flow and Packet-Level Analysis
Using LiveWire, you can quickly transition from flow analysis to packet analysis for forensic-level troubleshooting, using both real-time and historic playback data. LiveWire is designed for use at remote sites, branches, WAN edge, and data centers.

Proactive Alerting and Anomaly Detection
LiveNX provides criteria-specific alerts aggregated from multiple events, thereby displaying only alerts requiring immediate attention. In addition, the LiveNX Insight module utilizes machine learning for proactive anomaly detection and path change notifications.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting
LiveNX simplifies dashboards and reporting by providing both out-of-box standard reports and customizable report templates for network operations, executives, and capacity planning. These reports can be scheduled or run ad hoc.

QoS Monitoring, Alerting, and Management
Monitor QoS performance on a per-class basis; set up alerts based on severity level for proactive notifications of application issue; and edit, create and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches.

Web-Based Application Monitoring
LiveNX User Experience module monitors end-users experience to gain insights into the availability and performance of web-based application, such as or Microsoft 360.

Endpoint Monitoring and Analytics
LiveNX Endpoint Agent module extends the reach of LiveNX to endpoints for full visibility into physical and virtual devices, data centers, and enterprise clouds.

Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) Visual Analytics and Management
LiveNX provides visual analytics and management for Cisco specific REST APIs (such as DNA Center and vManage), as well as other vendor network elements, to verify and optimize application performance.
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