Matterport - Axis


What is Matterport Axis?

Axis is Matterport's Capture Assist Motor Mount, a companion device for smartphone capture (SPC). It simplifies the capture process and further enhances the quality and fidelity of scans captured by SPC. Compatible smartphones are held in Axis' cradle and Axis is in turn mounted on a tripod. The free Matterport for Mobile app controls the rotation of the smartphone and captures image data at the right intervals to create a high-fidelity 3D model.

How Does it Work?

  • Motorized mount easily attaches to standard tripod mounts
  • Connect your phone to Axis and watch as it works with Matterport for Mobile to create an immersive digital twin of any space.
  • Automated 360 rotation and image capture digitizes your space with ease and precision
  • Remote control helps you get a smooth scan with the press of a button