PTC WebShip


PTC WebShip, Your Small Parcel & LTL Software Solution

The PTC WebShip solution provides a single point interface to manage Rating, Shipping, Bundling, and Close Out processes for Small Parcel and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carriers across the enterprise, helping you make the best shipping decisions for your business. PTC WebShip provides a flexible API interface that integrates seamlessly with third party systems allowing you to decrease costs and have more control, visibility, and flexibility.

PTC WebShip provides three modes of operations: 

Automated Process

  • Host system (WMS, TMS, ERP) calls PTC WebShip socket API “behind the scenes”
  • The shipment is processed automatically and all shipping documentation is generated.


  • Host system (WMS, TMS, ERP) calls PTC WebShip socket API “behind the scenes”
  • The shipment information is sent to PTC WebShip, but not processed.  
  • A user reviews and/or modifies the shipment from the PTC WebShip screens and confirms the data

Stand Alone

  • Shipment data is manually typed into the PTC WebShip shipping screen and then processed.


Manage multiple facilities from one server/instance

  • One PTC WebShip install at headquarters can manage shipments from multiple facilities located across the country

Eliminate unnecessary third party software and hardware

  • Manages the shipping process for all carriers from a single point for all shippers within the enterprise
  • Eliminates the need for multiple shipping systems, printers, operating systems, and support personnel

Reduce manual processes

  • Eliminates paper air bills and manifests
  • Transmits electronic manifests

Reduce transportation costs

  • Configurable business rules to select best carrier and cost
  • Take advantage of bundling/consolidation freight saving opportunities

Flexible carrier selection

Configurable business rules allow carrier selection based on:

  • Order priority
  • Customer
  • Zip code 
  • Package count
  • Day of week
  • User defined criteria

Allows users to compare rates to a specific destination by:

  • Carrier
  • By service level
  • By special services
  • By discount structure across all shipping modes

Automatically selects the best carrier for a shipment based on cost, transit time or rank, or configured business rules

Automatically bundles/consolidates shipments going to the same destination for freight savings

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Support

  • Consolidation on the fly
  • All major check digit formulas
  • VICs bill of lading with scanable barcode
  • Standard shipping label

Dual rating

PTC WebShip can calculate a separate freight cost to bill your customer in order to take advantage of negotiated rates

Automatic weight reading

Can automatically read weight from a scale during shipment process

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