Retarus Email Security Services


Email is a company’s main method of communication and a threat at the same time, because an email gateway is the front door to your IT system for cyber-attacks. The consequences of an attack range from malfunctions in the IT infrastructure and data loss to complete system failure and far-reaching damage to a company’s image.
In most cases there are huge costs involved that could have been prevented. Choose Retarus Email Security now for end-to-end protection with innovative defense mechanisms. Because your email is meant to support your business, not put it at risk.

Advantages of Retarus Email Security Services

  • Increase protection of your entire email infrastructure
  • Identify unidentified threats
  • Receive warnings for fraudulent emails
  • Stop attacks in action before they do harm
  • Comply with regulations for encryption and archiving
  • Prevent the loss of confidential information
  • Real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing emails
  • Comprehensive reports, statistics, and analyses
  • Transparent billing based on pay per use
  • Auditable data centers
  • Multi-level SLAs available
  • Adherence to international compliance requirements
  • Local data processing on request
  • Professional support from setup to operation

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