Service Knowledge and Diagnostics

Leverage Service Knowledge for More Effective Service

Improving service quality, up-time and customer satisfaction are dependent on having the right knowledge to resolve your customer’s issue at the point of service. Without access to an efficient service knowledge management system, you risk low productivity within your service network and low customer satisfaction.

PTC Service Knowledge and Diagnostics solution helps you create and leverage a knowledge repository so field service personnel, contact center representatives and even end-users can quickly and accurately diagnose product issues. You can solve highly complex and subjective problems more easily, with better consistency and in less time.

Service businesses are plagued by ineffective and uncoordinated issue diagnostics, resulting in unnecessary technician dispatches or parts returns and high rate of “no fault found.” The PTC Service Knowledge and Diagnostics solution features connected interactive diagnostics that automates issue diagnostics and enables remote diagnostics of smart, connected products (SCP) with an intelligent knowledge base system. This connected solution enables accurate and precise problem resolution within global technical service operations. It reduces product failures and accelerates diagnostic processes by leveraging connected machine data. 
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