Skybox Change Manager


Automated rule life cycle management which turns complex requests into a secure and easily managed workflow

Change Manager ends risky changes with its automated modeling capabilities and closed-loop rule life cycle management.

Secure, Automated Firewall Change Workflow

Take control by fully automating your firewall change management processes. It improves communication and efficiency and guarantees that changes are made as intended - without introducing new risk.

Validate proposed firewall changes by checking for access and rule policy violations, as well as new vulnerabilities. Change Manager introduces end-to-end rule lifecycle management, enabling you to secure your infrastructure and optimize your firewalls.

Highlighted Features

  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT AUTOMATION, standardized workflow, 80% reduction in change management time

  • AUTOMATED RISK ASSESSMENT, changes won’t expose vulnerabilities, always stay in compliance

  • RULE RECERTIFICATION WORKFLOW, cradle-to-grave rule life cycle management, clean, optimized firewalls

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