Skybox Research Lab


Analyst–validated security intelligence on vulnerabilities, threats, patches and more

Skybox Research Lab is a team of security analysts who daily scour dozens of security data feeds, delivering their intelligence directly to the Skybox Security Suite

Analyst–validated security intelligence

To keep up with a rapidly changing threat landscape and make sure your efforts target your biggest risks, you need reliable intelligence. The Skybox Research Lab conducts daily analysis of vulnerabilities, exploits, threats and solutions so you can stay a step ahead of attackers.

With their knowledge of attack trends, cyber events and TTPs, the Research Lab applies expert analysis to dozens of public and private security data feeds, consolidating and validating their information for use in the Skybox Security Suite and Skybox Vulnerability Center.

Key Features

  • Aggregated Information, from dozens of security feeds
  • Expert Research, of available and active exploits
  • Certified Intelligence, of the current threat landscape
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